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1. Retail Staff Induction

Category: Retail Store Operations
Modules include: Walk the Store - Staff, Customer Service, Store Security and Negotiation Skills

2. Retail Store Managers

Category: Retail Store Operations
Modules include: Walk the Store - Managers, Business Planning, Marketing and Promotions and Staffing your Business

3. Hospitality Staff Induction

Category: Hospitality Operations
Modules include: Working in Hospitality, Working in Food and Beverage, Being Safe at Work and Hospitality Customer Service

4. Hospitality Staff Induction - Next Step

Category: Hospitality Operations
Modules include: Industry Knowledge, Team Support, Teamwork & Being Socially Aware

5. Hospitality Managers

Category: Hospitality Operations
Modules include: Hospitality Supervisory Skills, Hospitality Marketing and Promotions, Staffing Your Venue and Hospitality Customer Service

6. Product Knowledge

Category: Product Knowledge
Modules include: Beer, Whiskeys & Bourbons, Rum Vodka & other Spirits,Cider and Wine

Getting Started with RETA courses

Category: Introduction to RETA

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